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Kirtan :

Kirtan is another type of folk music usually sung by the Vaishnavas and is based on the love stories of Krishna and Radha. It is prevalent in Bengal. Kirtans were transformed into song and dance congregations by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (15-16th Century AD), drawing inspiration from Jayadeva’s Geet Govinda. Kirtans are of two types: Nama-Kirtafla and Lila-Kirtana. The first involves constant uttering of the name and singing of the glory of God, while the second ascribes the various anecdotes of the Radha-Krishna love. It is customary not to begin without paying due obeisance to Chaitanya in the form of an appropriate Gaurachandrika or event in the life of Chaitanya. The singing of Kirtans is accompanied by musical instruments like Mridanga and cymbals.

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