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Rajasthani Folk Music

Nad-Sadhna promotes the folk music of Rajasthan. It is one of our objectives to protect & promote Rajasthani Cultural and its activities in its original and real form. Rajasthani folk music being popular on international level has various dimensions. This art is mostly performed by different tribes of Rajasthan like Langas, Manganiyars, Mirasi, Walar, Gowri etc… They present excellent performance with their musical instruments. It’s a pity that the generation next of these tribes are no more interested in opting music as their livelihood as the income from this profession doesn’t even fulfill their basic needs. Nad-Sadhna has been trying to provide the basic facilities like musical instruments, scholarships and stage to these people so to encourage them to continue with their music practices.

Nadsadhna provides a platform to learn Rajasthani folk music and Dance to the beginners. The teachers engaged with Nadsadhna are the tribal artists. Folk forms which are taught here are Ghoomar, Terahtaali, Kalbeliya, and Bhawai. In instruments Sarangi, Morchung (Jaw Harp) and Kamayacha are taught.

The fees for individual class for any folk form is 400 Indian Rupees (approx. 8$) for a lesson of one hour. The fees for group classes for any folk form is 250 Indian Rupees (approx. 5$) for a lesson of one hour.

Besides providing a platform for learning, we also organize Rajasthani folk Music concerts, performing Ghoomar, Terahtaali, Kalbeliya, Bhawai and Vocal & Instrumental Performances by Langas and Manganiyars.

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