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Who can learn it :

Basic Requirement :

One who is interested in opening up to the refined music-vibrations in order to heal oneself and others, through aesthetically arranged pleasing pattern of notes or tones of Indian music.

First Level :

This is the basic course to develop understanding and sensitivity to music with training in the fundamentals of notes or tones, with specific instructions as to the application and identification variations in notes and timing (tala). Information is provided about the brief history of Indian music and other important topics; importance of devoting time to regular practice.

Second Level

This second level is usually taken up, once the student feels ready both mentally and spiritually to enhance the flow of music energy through him, further information is provided on the techniques, methods.

Third Level

This is in-depth training includes meditation techniques to achieve superior spiritual growth through music. Upon completion of this course the student feels confident to tap into an unlimited supply of "refined vibrational energy of music" to improve health and enhance the quality of life of oneself and others.

Our Technique

The class is a combination of lecture, discussion practice and experience. Course duration: - 1st level- 30hrs. 2nd level-30hrs. , Advanced level-21hrs…(one hour per day)

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