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Our Purpose :

Great change is taking place in this world. We are in the middle of a global transformation that is affecting every aspect of life. This process is creating fear, uncertainty, violence and negative emotions for some but for others, it presents a wonderful opportunity. In the new millennium those who are able to let go of the old ways will enjoy the process and contribute to the past experience the world has ever known- the birth of a new age. Ancient knowledge is rising to the surface to assist us.

We love the earth and all the people who live here. We should be able to help the world be a better place and to do our planet to diminish suffering. Our goal is to create the world as a place where love, harmony, understanding, sympathy are the guiding principle.

The state of mind you are in has a direct influence of your ability to deal with life and solve problems. We all have the ability to enter a positive, ... successful state of mind, at will- music helps you develop this ability.

There is always in a stage of balance. A problem cannot exist unless the solution exists at the same time. The cause of our problem and the solutions exists within us. We have all the resources within us to solve our problems and live a happy successful life. All we need to do is to bring the solution into contact with the problem and it will be solved. Spiritual music is a powerful process that assists this (the audio tape is a guided meditative music that increases your level of consciousness to receive inner guidance and healing.)

Music is a technique that makes this transaction easy and creates the unity and love, which are the essence of the new millennium.

The knowledge that an unseeen energy flows through all living things is connected directly to the quality of health has been a part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times. Now recent scientific experients, medical doctors are finding out this role played by music on the immune system and healing process.

Music as a technique for stress reduction, relaxation, which allows every one to tap into unlimited, supply of life force energy to enhance quality of life.

Music increases psychic sensitivity, helps you to meditate, increases awareness, cleans negative.............. And toxins, heals on mental, spiritual, psychological, emotional levels.

To add depth to your meditation visualize yourself connected to a field of love within, above our earth.

When you heal yourself and assist others with their self-healing, you heal the earth you do make a difference.

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