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Our Philosophy :

We live in a time of accelerated change and planetary pain resulting in chaos at every level of planetary life. The earth is in physical crisis with earthquakes, fires, volcanoes, droughts, and floods, threatening existence at every turn. The majority of people in the world lie of cancer, heart diseases, and strokes. our water system are unsafe, air and soil are polluted. Rape, shootings, child abuse, violence are a fact of daily life in appalling ways.

There is an increased awareness of the need for change, to clean up the earth and our acts on it. Government is being forced to take care of people instead of making wars. So authority is shifting from "out there" in government and medicine to power from within.

This may start as human potential movement rediscovering techniques of psychic healing and peace.

Coming from a culture where compassion and one ness one paramount, Indian music brings peaceful values back to planet earth. This is gentle and non invasive, never causes pain or harm. On a world of suffering, music is a refuge of well-being and harmony. It comforts, calms, sooths, relieves pain speeds healing of body and mind, releases emotional trauma of present and past. It cannot be misused or twisted into evil.

In this time of change and violence on earth, Indian music is a part of planetary healing. It is the greatest single potential for good that can be given to the people of this planet. The more people who can be taught this method of healing, the easier the coming years of earth change will be! This is a call to action to bring back to people the healing effects of music on them to heal the people of this planet, animals, earth and human awareness. Teach music to manifest peace and positive change. Now is the time to heal the earth, remembering the qualities of kindness, compassion, peace, oneness that one basis of Indian music and recognizing the need for healing of all people in this time of planetary pain and change.

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